How I narrowly escaped burnout in 2019

I often like to think of that metaphor of the duck on the pond. It looks so still gliding around like not a lot is going on, but under the surface its little legs and feet are paddling like mad. This has been my year!

On the surface of it not a massive amount happened in Create It Content 2019. I’m aware I haven’t done enough video for my Facebook business page. My social media has been ‘treading water’ a bit. I have yet to really get stuck in on Instagram because I wanted to formulate a full Insta-strategy first. Same goes for LinkedIn. But Pfoof! Under the surface I’ve been paddling like mad. This has been my biggest learning and growth year of my life (even bigger than the year I finished  two diplomas in one hit).

All the things you don’t see, under the surface when building a business

Nearly burnt myself out

For the first few months of 2019, I was cramming in massive amounts of learning and doing new things. With a steep learning curve on everything. I was – probably – quite close to burning myself out by mid-year without realising it. I only really discovered how bad things had got when I volunteered to beta-test a fellow course creators ‘Calm Challenge,’ with Jane Schueler of the Brain Fitness Academy.

This involved being still and listening to a 5 minute neuroscience-based brain training audio once a day for a week. And could I do it? I could flippin’ not. And being someone who used to regularly do yoga an hour an a half at a time this came as quite a shock. A wake-up call really. I was appalled by my inability to still my mind for even the smallest amount of time. I had no idea the toll that my digital life was taking on me.

Getting my focus back

And so began the journey back to better brain balance. I persisted with my listenings over and over again for weeks (which has now turned into months) also participating in a full six week program of extended listening practice up to one hour at a time, until I had rebuilt the ability to calm my brain. This has made a massive impact in my ability to be focussed and not get so easily distracted by all the huge number of things we have to learn to do (and do) to function fully as a business. And whilst I can still get high-jacked into being a bit hyped-up by a lively real-time chat in a Facebook group, I am pretty much back to ‘normal’ in terms of … not being a total wired mess, basically.

Regaining this balance in my brain flipped a switch for me, to start getting things finished. I had created the mother of all bottle-necks for myself and I was in a jam with multiple 80% done projects: online school courses, website, ongoing learning. Tackling these systematically one at a time enabled me to move forward steadily in the second half of the year. My projects started to topple like dominoes.

Here’s what I’ve done since July 2019

Built Create It Content School, currently on Teachable, with these courses and resources:

Created the: Fresh Ways To Use Free Stock Photos course

Created the: Create Your Brand Colour Background Headshot free course (yes, that one has got a bit of clunky title!)

Revised the Stop Struggling With Your Social Media course

Set up the: Content Clarity Sessions intake page (videos still to come)

Created free resources

  1. Twenty Questions To Ask When Planning Your Content (this one is proving to be popular I’m going to be building on this)
  2. Content Clarity Cheatsheet with Purposeful Content Pyramid
  3. Your Workshop Before And After Checklist
  4. Your Content Essentials Checklist

Mapped out for next year

Create Confident Content Course (coming soon).

Creative Course, Create Confident Content coming in 2020 graphic
Create Confident Content

Course topics under development:

Designing With Photography

Photography For Social Media

Content Marketing Essentials

First workshop delivered:

The first Create It Content workshop in February at the Collab4Good co-workspace in Adelaide, on the topic of creating engaging content for Facebook. Not my first time training, as I have already delivered four thousand hours of adult learning in the classroom, but fantastic to be back in a training role for my own business. At this stage I was still really in the process of fully defining my client niche, and business model which is why there was just one in this year. I will be doing a lot more workshops in 2020 both in Adelaide and online.

Chloe King conducting a content training workshop
Create It Content First Workshop February 2019

Create It Content website published

I worked on the Create It Content website all year, but I finally published it in December 2019. This was such an amazing project to get finished, and a huge weight off my mind and my shoulders. I’m so excited to finally be making the most of my website. I could pretty much write a book on what I learnt from beginning to end of creating my first website. And I’ll be doing an informal chat about this in a private Facebook Group with Michelle Reeves life and mindset coach, in the New Year.

Expect a lot more blogging and video on this site in the coming year. If you’d like to be kept in the look sign-up for our newsletter at the bottom of the page.


I’ve learnt so much it would be tricky to unpack it all but my 2 top learning experiences have been:

Designing With Typography with Kimi Kinsey, a short course on that enabled me to get a looooot better at this, pretty much within minutes of completing the course. That’s what I call a truly successful learning experience.

LinkedIn training in depth with marketing expert Elena Bostan, where I really got excited about this often under-utilised social platform (it’s not just for job-hunting peeps!). Like many I was a bit intimidated by LinkedIn. But I’m now armed with everything I need to know to really make the most of the opportunities of using this amazing platform, which doesn’t get anywhere near as much love as it should form business owners who shy away from it!


SEO definitely: When it comes to content I’m in the HBO (Human Being Optimisation) business in terms of messaging and strategy, but to make my website truly fulfill its potential this is a nut a need to crack in 2020.

Pinterest: I’m intrigued by the successes people report in bringing traffic to their site via Pinterest so I really want to know more about this (and the thought of designing pins puts me a little bit in heaven).

Persuasion: Selling means being a master persuader and I’m the first to admit this doesn’t come naturally to me, so I am enrolled in a membership with the most persuasive person on the internet, Bushra Azhar of the Persuasion Revolution. I’m going to be working my way through her webinars steadily. As a non-auditory learner, though, I’m going to admit that’s a big undertaking for me. She talks at quite a rate with a digressions, interjections and rolling chat, but totally worth it.


Email: If you’re on my email list you’ll know I’ve been quiet for a while. I hope you let me off for this omission in view of everything I’ve been up to, to really grow and develop what I can bring and help you with next year!