Don’t let self-doubt derail your content efforts, with these top tips

Do you ever find yourself in the position that you have ideas for blogs and posts but you can’t bring yourself to write them or publish them because you feel crippled by self-doubt? You see other people posting similar content and doing fine, but self-defeating thoughts are still racing round in your mind: What if no one likes it? What if people think I’m too amateur? What if no-one engages or interacts with it?

So you procrastinate yourself into a state of inaction, which just holds you back and makes you feel worse. Sound familiar?

You are not alone. Business owners all around the globe struggle with these feelings all the time, and whilst it’s probably not the answer you’re looking for or hoping for there really is only one way to get over a fear of creating and publishing content – and that’s to DO IT! But there are some ways you can re-frame how you feel, and look at this situation in a more big-picture way.

Do you struggle to start writing?

When you face your own personal version of content / writers block try this. Set out your topic for your content or blog by writing the questions people have or would have about this area. Then answer them one at a time. Once you’ve done this either remove your questions, or use them as subtitles. This will work for short posts as well as longer blogs.

Neuroscience has shown that when faced with a question our brain wants to answer it (or wants to know the answer) so set your own brain some questions to get going with your writing.  I promise you it works. I devised this technique when faced with the worst writing block of my life and an important deadline looming very large!

Are you worried no one will engage?

We all need to be realistic here. Getting engagement is a tough gig. There are millions of pieces of content flying around everyday. Everyone is overwhelmed with the information coming at them and only what is really relevant and resonates will spark a response. The sooner any content creator accepts this the easier it becomes to keep creating and publishing your posts, blogs, and videos.

Adopt an empathy mindset to help yourself take this less personally. Ask yourself, do you have space in your brain for everything coming at you that other people publish? No of course you don’t. Do you engage with the people you follow, every time they publish? Nope. You don’t have the time or brain space to keep up with it all, even people you really want to hang on their every word!

It’s the same for your audience.  When creating your content always remember we are communicating in an age of overwhelm. Aim for as much clarity as you can. Clarity beats competition in my book. Every time.

Also do not be afraid to re-publish the same content and promote it multiple times (maybe with a tweak in an image or headline or maybe just the same). You may worry that people will think you are bombarding them too often but that’s only what it feels like on the publishing side of the desk. Only a small percentage of your audience will see or notice your content each time you publish it, so make the most of your efforts and repeat, repeat, repeat!

Are you filled with fear and self-doubt?

Hopefully it will help you to know this is an extremely common phenomena. Whether we call it impostor syndrome or just plain old fear and self-doubt, it can be really beneficial to share your feelings with people who know and support you. They can give you some reassurance and reminders that most of us feel this way at some time or other. If there are business support groups on your area you may find they offer workshops for these types of issues.

For remote workers or people who prefer to network online, you can consider sharing your experience in a Facebook group with a positive culture of support and openness. People opening these kinds of conversations often find others in the group rush to offer support (but choose your group or community carefully).

Sadly, there is no quick fix antidote for these feeling other than to build your tolerance for discomfort by keeping on publishing anyway. Accepting self-doubt is part of being in business. And it’s most common in conscientious people who care about the quality of your work and how others perceive you.

Try to take the emotion out of what you do when creating and publishing content. Do it as well as you can, but there will always be posts and articles that hit the mark for some people and not others (and sometimes no one). This is to be expected and part of a feedback loop that works in your favour when you use it to your advantage.

The more you publish the more you will be able to see this activity as research, experimentation and learning what people need to know from you, or like to hear about. And then you do more of that!

Do you take it all too personally?

The most important thing of all is to try not to take other people’s behaviour online to heart. Some really great content gets ignored every minute of every day, and we just have to keep our focus on why we do what we do. Our content is the bridge we build to the people we want to help and serve. That is why we create. If you can stay focussed on the journey you want to guide people through and what you want to help them achieve, it becomes less about the content and more about building the connection.

So, go create content that connects. It gets easier with practice!