Image with text Free Course Create Your Brand Colour Backgroudn Headshot

Learn how to create your brand colour background headshot using free and easy to use DIY design tools, you can master in minutes.

Woman holding a mobile phone as though working on it, to illustrate Fresh Ways To Use Free Stock Images online course

Learn how to take a so-so photo and transform it, with some surprisingly simple ways to edit and customise free stock photos.

Chloe image weating black blouse, with white dots, hand on hip, looking up to title, Hot To Choose A Hero Image In A Hurry on brand green background,

Learn how to choose and use simple images styles to create a hero (or heading) image for your sales page.

A woman with long hair, drinking tea at a table in a cafe, working on a laptop. To suggest working on the course How To Brand And Build Your Simple Sales Page In New Zenler

How To Brand And Build Your Simple Sales Page In New Zenler

A comprehensive program covering how to brand, build AND write your stunning student-magnet sales page. For course creators in up-and-coming course platform New Zenler, who want to DIY their sales page design and achieve a totally professional finished look and feel.