Image with text Free Course Create Your Brand Colour Backgroudn Headshot

Learn how to create your brand colour background headshot using free and easy to use DIY design tools, you can master in minutes.

Woman holding a mobile phone as though working on it, to illustrate Fresh Ways To Use Free Stock Images online course

Learn how to take a so-so photo and transform it, with some surprisingly simple ways to edit and customise free stock photos.

Designing With Photography Course Coming In 2020

Learn how to create a range of visuals to market your business, using stock photos, design-tool templates and DIY design basics.

Creative Course, Create Confident Content coming in 2020 graphic

Create Confident Content

Learn to create better content for your business. Get confident about how to be professionally visible on social media, with posts and visuals that look great and resonate. Get clear on how to create blogs that connect with your services to bring more customers into your business. And get reliable resources in place to keep in contact with the people who want to hear from you.

Strategy Course Content Marketing Essentials coming in 2020 graphic with text

Content Marketing Essentials

Learn how to run an efficient content marketing program for your expertise-based business, to grow your business online. Get clear on how to make confident content strategy decisions that align your know-how with what you offer. Build your understanding of how to create a customer content journey to bring more clients to your door.

Creative Course Photography For Social Media coming in 2020

Photography For Social Media

Learn how to create a bank of professional style photos to use in your social media, online communication and marketing materials. Learn the basics of what makes a great photo so you can quickly and easily make the most of your photo-opportunities. Get ideas and confidence about how to showcase the best of your business with snaps you're proud to publish.